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Degree in Clinical Sciences at King'sCollege London


Post graduate research at University of Oxford

Work at World Health Organisation in Geneva

Produced Science package for Radio 4 Science Unit and wrote for science journal 'Nature'

Main interest:

Kat is passionate about communicating science

Kat was born and grew up in London, where she lived for her entire life. Science interested Kat from around 6 yrs old, and culminated with a trip to the Commonwealth Institute with her parents to watch a talk given by David Bellamy. By this point she was hooked! Kat's parents encouraged her enthusiasm for botany and other science fields with field trips and other activities, and soon she was carrying out her own basic experiments at home.

Kat studied science at A-level and followed this with a degree in Clinical Sciences at King's College London. After University she undertook postgraduate research at the University of Oxford, a collaborative project between the departments of Biological Anthropology and Pharmacology.

Kat has always been passionate about communicating science and has written for the Science Journal; Nature, as well as producing her own broadcast package for the Radio 4 Science Unit. She was also invited to Geneva Switzerland to work for the World Health Organisation in the department of Communicable Disease.

In her spare time Kat likes to play classical music on the piano. She also loves ballads and contemporary music. Her other great passion is horses.

Kat travels fairly regularly and is lucky enough to have great friends in some of her favourite places like St Lucia, Jamaica in the Caribbean, Nigeria and South Africa, and even Japan and South Korea (although she hasn't visited South Korea yet!).

Kat is very creative and is always looking for different ways to express herself. With two other artists in the family, and some of her best friends in the art world, making art is one of Kat's favourite hobbies. (Especially large abstract paintings which don't mean a lot to anyone other than her!)

Kat loves make up and fashion and is always looking for ways to make herself look different. This is either through the clothes she wears or experimenting with her hair. Kat finds a lot of fashion inspiring, but is really into championing her own individual style.

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