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Chi EnergyChi Energy

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  1. The concept of Chi or a similar form of energy can be found in most martial arts. Believers claim that Chi refers to the natural energy of the Universe, which permeates everything, from the smallest atoms and molecules to the largest planets and stars. They are all apparently made up of this energy. Believers say that it is the vital force of life and the source of every existing thing.
  2. The claimed ability to speed up the naturally occurring vibrations of atoms in matter to alter temperature, to the point of ignition is known as pyrokinesis.
  3. The term Stigmata originates from The Bible. In Saint Paul's Letter to the Galatians he writes "I bear on my body the stigmata of Jesus".
  4. An individual bearing stigmata is referred to as a stigmatic.
  5. The first case of stigmata accepted by the church was that of St Francis of Assisi, who first experienced stigmata in La Verna, Italy, in 1224.
  6. Chi can also be spelled ch'i, qi, or ki.
  7. The universal life force of chi is said to enter, circulate, and leave the body through channels called meridians.
  8. Chi is also linked to acupuncture and acupressure in Chinese medicine and also the martial art of T'ai chi.
  9. The word stigmata is the plural of stigma, and is a greek word meaning 'tattoo' or 'brand'.
  10. The word pyrokinesis was originally coined by horror novelist Stephen King in his book 'Firestarter'.

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